Technel represents Scanivalve the world’s leading supplier of state-of-the-art intelligent pressure and temperature instrumentation. Systems totaling 1,500,000 channels have been delivered worldwide in support of flight test, engine testing, wind engineering, power turbine testing and any application where accurate, reliable high speed multi-channel measurements are required. Scanivalve's products include multi-channel pressure and temperature scanners featuring up to 64 independent channels with miniature footprint enabling their use in a wide range of applications. These intelligent scanners have ethernet capability enabling high speed data collection output in engineering units via Ethernet using TCP/IP protocol and an optional multi-range calibration feature to provide separate calibration ranges for individual sensors. Temperature scanners feature IEEE1588.v2 time synchronization to enable exact timing of measurements and incorporate RAM, integral low pass filters, 22 bit A/D converters and an on-board microprocessor in a rugged stand-alone module. Multiple standard thermocouple types may be used with one intelligent thermocouple scanner.

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