Electrical Metrology

Guildline Instruments has been a premier manufacturer of electrical metrology equipment for 50 years and counting. Every electrical standards laboratory from national labs to defense labs to quality instrument manufacturers has made use of the many metrology products Guildline produces. Featured instruments include resistance bridges with proven DCC technology, low thermal EMF scanners and current extenders. All of these can be incorporated into complete turn-key systems for the most demanding applications. Guildline has a complete line of resistance standards and current shunts both AC and DC for any electrical resistance measurement at the lowest uncertainties in the industry. A new Quantum Hall Resistance system has been introduced to produce the ultimate in electrical resistance measurements. The 6622A-QHR is the Quantum version of the reliable 6620 series DCC bridge and operates at room temperature greatly increasing reliability and lowering operating costs. The additional cryogenic equipment including dewar, superconducting magnet, associated power supply, and the QHR device insert are provided in cooperation with Oxford Instruments and complete the system.

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