Pressure Controllers

Technel represents Mensor who manufactures a range of pressure controllers to suit every application. The CPA 8001 is specifically designed for avionics including display of altitude, airspeed and acceleration. The CPC series of controllers are available with a wide range of pressure ranges to accommodate every possible requirement. The model CPC 6050 is the newest version of the venerable CPC 6000 which has been a consistent and reliable performer for many years. It inherited its modular design from the the CPC 6000 and the internal pressure reference transducers are upwardly compatible with the new unit greatly reducing cost of ownership. The CPC 6050 can be custom ordered with any pressure configuration up to 3000 psi to ideally suit its operation to any manufacturing environment and includes built-in test modes: leak test, burst test and switch test. Technel also carries the Condec line of pressure controllers including the Orion series of precision vernier controls which have an infinite range of adjustment for fine tuning of any pressure measurement setting.


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