Pressure Generators

Technel represents Condec who supplies a complete range of pneumatic high pressure generators specifically suited for calibration and test equipment. The Model PIN7000 & PIN7010 are both pneumatic high pressure intensifiers capable of generating up to 10 times input pressure to a maximum of 10,000 psi. Their ease of operation and micro-metering valves allow precision adjustment and control to achieve any desired pressure point quickly and easily. These units are perfectly suited to pneumatic high pressure applications where hydraulic oils or water are undesirable. The Model UVC1000 is a unique vacuum generator/pressure controller capable of generating pressure up to 100 psi or vacuum to 29″ Hg when connected to a typical shop air supply. This eliminates the need for a separate vacuum pump and source when calibrating compound gauges and is a low cost solution when both modes of operation are required.


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