We are a Canadian based representative company, incorporated in 1986 to service the Canadian marketplace in the fields of Calibration, Instrumentation, and Data Acquisition.
Our customer base includes many Fortune 500 companies, laboratories, Government, Utilities, medical and instrument manufacturers.


Support has been and continues to be a basic tenet of Technel’s success. We appreciate and understand the importance of a timely, accurate response to your query.

Whether on a new product that you are considering or on an existing product that you are using, support is critical. Because of our experience and product knowledge, many times we are able to answer question while you are on the phone or on the same day that we receive your email. In those cases that we can’t answer your question, we know where to get an immediate answer.

However, support is more than just answering questions, Technel can provide on site consultation, product details, alternatives, demos and on site training of your new product.


With our first custom pressure calibration bench commissioned in 1999, Technel has grown to provide a variety of small and large custom calibration systems to meet our customers’ needs.

Technel can now provide a CRN (Canadian Registration Number) with every system and ESA or CSA certification. We are also N299.3 Quality Control certified.

Our approach has been to work closely with our customer to make sure we understand what you want and you understand what we are providing. We start with an on site consultation and then provide preliminary sketches of the schematic and physical panel layout. At all stages of the project, our customers are always welcome to see the project in progress. In fact, we strongly encourage a final operational inspection of their system before it is shipped.

We provide on site training along with operation and maintenance manuals.
Use the following links to learn more about our Past Projects; both large and small, or have a look at our Quality Programs and Certificates.