Pressure Transducers – Industrial

Technel represents several quality manufacturers with a complete line of pressure transducers to suit any application. Our transducer suppliers include Paroscientific, Mensor, Keller America and Honeywell. This comprehensive suite of high quality instrumentation lets us provide the best solution for any requirement depending on pressure range, accuracy, application and budget. We are an authorized Honeywell distributor and can support industrial manufacturers or equipment providers who require bulk orders and pricing. The Paroscientific line is one of the premium names in the industry whose reputation for the highest accuracy and long-term performance is unparalleled. Mensor/Wika produces a range of transducer technologies from the highest accuracy electronic devices to dial gauges. Keller America has a complete line from OEM sensors to submersible depth sensors to industrial transducers suitable for the most demanding environments. In short Technel has a solution for any and all pressure transducer applications.

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