The DSA5000 is designed to output an engineering unit data stream over an Ethernet connection. A broad selection of data output formats and options are available including TCP/IP, UDP and FTP data transfer protocols, and ASCII and Binary formats. A Webserver is fully integrated providing an intuitive and easy means for configuration and operation. Scanivalve has also developed and engineered a new and unique form of connectivity called Scanivalve Synchronous Ethernet Protocol, or SSEP. This proprietary feature allows for a single DSA5000 ‘controller’ to be used to control and collect data from several other DSA5000 modules connected to an isolated, mini network.

Features and Specifications

  • Engineering Unit Data Stream up to 5,000Hz (Samples/Channel/Second)
  • ±0.04% Full-Scale, Long-Term Accuracy
  • 0 – 1,000psi Pressure Range
  • Non-Multiplexed, Synchronous Scanning
  • IEEE1588-2008v2 PTP Compliant
  • 1Gb Ethernet Connection
  • 24-bit A/D Converters
  • Multi-Drop Architecture for Multiple Module Simplicity
  • Integrated Web Server
  • Customizable Builds: “QD” (Quick Disconnect) Input Header Option, Integrated Heater Option, Bolt-on Shock Mount Option, Multiple Pneumatic Fitting Options