Pressure Sensors-OEM

Technel represents Keller America one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of media-isolated, piezoresistive OEM pressure sensors, producing in excess of 1 million units every year. Optimized mechanical packaging insures effective media isolation without degrading performance. A large percentage of OEM sensors produced by Keller are used in our own pressure transducers and pressure transmitters, so Keller understands the OEM viewpoint. Keller’s designs cover a broad spectrum of applications, from medical vascular intervention systems to down hole oil tools. These sensors are as small as 15 mm diameter and measure a wide range of pressures making them suitable for any application. The Series 7Li  can operate at high temperatures up to 200 deg.C. and may optionally be provided with an integrated PT100 or PT1000 temperature probe, making independent temperature detection possible.

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