DC Instruments

Guildline Instruments has been the premier supplier of resistance measurement systems and standards to the world’s national laboratories for half a century. Guildline Instruments manufactures a wide variety of quality DC instruments suitable for the high demands of the best metrology labs. The 6530 TeraOhm Bridge-Meter Series is the latest innovation in high and ultra-high resistance measurements. The 6622A DCC bridge introduces new design concepts and the best in measurement uncertainties for resistance bridges manufactured by anyone today. Unique innovations in the 6622A design and modularity means users have options for satisfying current and future requirements with optional modules that allow for all resistance measurements without having to purchase multiple bridges. The 6623 high current range extender and 6664C low thermal scanner complement the 6622A bridge to form the 6625, a complete state of the art DC resistance and current measurement system.

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