The Scanivalve Digital Service Module, the DSM4000 is the latest addition to our lineup of pressure scanning equipment. This is the first Scanivalve A/D module to support the ARINC429 protocol making compact Scanivalve equipment suitable for flight test instrumentation.

The DSM4000 offers several advantages over the previous model, notably:
No Windows-based operating system – offers real-time operation and significantly faster boot times
Smaller and Lighter package.

No Moving Parts and ruggedized enclosure for flightworthiness.
8 Analogue inputs designed specifcally for ZOC scanners
Up to 512 processing channels at 625 samples per second per channel
Engineering Unit output via Ethernet or optional ARINC429 interface
5 Digital inputs & outputs for controlling solenoid valves etc.
Physical Dimensions: 3.7″ x 4″ x 9″