Depth Sensors

Technel has a broad line of depth sensors to meet every application. Keller submersible level transmitters are known for their superior reliability, reasonable cost, and ready availability. They feature small size and integral signal conditioning; simplifying installation anywhere quality liquid level sensors are needed. Best of all, Keller level transducers provide the user with an infinite combination of level ranges, several output options, and custom cable lengths ensuring the perfect fit for new or existing installations and monitoring equipment. They are frequently paired with a SCADA, PLC, or compatible display/control system for use as a water level indicator or controller. Paroscientific Digiquartz® Depth Sensors offer accurate depth measurements to 7000 m and have been successfully deployed for use in wave and tide gauges, tsunami detection, ocean current surveys, seabed subsidence, inverted echo sounders, towed arrays, and to calibrate the latest underwater mapping Sonar systems.

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