Current Shunts

Guildline Instruments manufactures a wide range of AC and DC current shunts designed for the highest precision and accuracy that meet the most demanding applications. The 7350 series of four-terminal AC Current Shunts are patent pending units and feature a non-inductive design. With a rugged and shielded enclosure, the 7350 series shunts are constructed with very small values of reactance. They are ideal for use over a wide frequency range from DC to 100 kHz with low uncertainty, low temperature coefficients and excellent stability. The 9211B DC precision shunt is the world’s most widely fielded multi-tap shunt available, a four-terminal precision shunt designed to measure current in nine ranges from 10 μA to 300 A while continuing to provide high performance specifications. The 9230A series of DC current shunts/standards are true 4-terminal devices intended for the precise measurement of DC current. The design includes special features to reduce the effects of power dissipation and associated self-heating errors.

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