Fuel Handling Cal Bench

A custom calibration bench designed to fit the needs of New Brunswick Power’s Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating station, this three workstation bench provides stable, controlled pneumatic and hydraulic pressure sources.

  • Automated Pneumatic Calibration from 0 to 200 inches of water at 0.01% FS accuracy
  • Automated Pneumatic Calibration from 25 to 100 psig at 0.01% RDG accuracy
  • Hydraulic Calibration from 200 to 5000 psig at 0.05% RDG accuracy
  • Pneumatic circuit uses Mensor CPC 6000 and instrument air supply
  • Hydraulic circuit uses DH-Budenberg 580C designed for de-mineralized water
  • 2 Variable DC Power supplies 0-60V
  • High Accuracy Agilent Digital Multimeters