Technel represents Keller America one of the world's premier manufacturers of pressure and depth sensors ideally suited to a wide range of applications. A complete range of pressure transmitters are available with precision to 0.01% FS and feature both digital and analog outputs with programmable gain and offset to match any application. The ultra-sensitive Series 41X transmitters have resolution to 1 micro-bar and programmable output. A wide range of depth sensors are offered including Acculevel, Digilevel, Econolevel and Levelgage among others to meet any application and price point. Lightning protection and optional accuracy to 0.1% FS are available. Digital gauges with data recording ability and precision to 0.01% FS are in the Keller lineup and include the popular Leo and Eco series offering great value, accuracy and performance at a reasonable cost. Additionally Keller produces OEM transducers in various types and ranges suitable for OEM application at modest cost with features including digital and analog outputs and MODBUS compatibility. The GSM series of remote data logger with programmable inputs including depth sensors can be used with cell-phone SIM cards to allow the user to monitor and program the loggers from the office.


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