The Keller GSM2 is an Autonomous Data Logger designed to be installed at the top of a 2″ or larger borehole tube. What makes the GSM2 unique is the cell phone tower data uplink which allows the unit to e-mail readings directly to your office at a predetermined time interval. Configuration files can be e-mailed back to the unit to update settings as needed.

Designed to work with a low-power Keller RS-485 transmitter such as the Acculevel, the GSM2 provides uninterrupted operation for years in the field. Pre-determined alarms (such as high or low water) can be set to send a pre-programmed text message to a cellular telephone.

This feature is excellent for flood warning systems, reservoir monitoring, or municipal water main monitoring, water distribution SCADA and general data loggers for remote areas and transmit data wireless on the GSM network.
Inputs: RS-485, SDI-12, 2x 0-2.5VDC
Power Supplies: Switched 3.7VDC, 5VDC, 12VDC, Always on 3.7VDC
Battery Life: up to 10 years at 1 measurement/hour and 1 transmission/day
Accuracy: Governed by accuracy of the attached Sensor
Barometer Accuracy: ± 0.05 kPa
Barometer Stability: ± 0.1 kPa/year
The GSM2 saves you time and money by reducing on-site visits and allows you to access your data in near real time as necessary.