Keller offers a wide range of self-contained water level loggers – The 18 mm diameter DCX-ECO along with DCX 16 mm, DCX 22 mm. Using elements from the Acculevel, Nanolevel, and even the wet/wet differential process transducers for completely maintenance-free high-accuracy logging.

The Keller DCX-ECO offers an innovative rechargeable battery with up to 3 years battery life and quick 1-hr recharge time.

Temperature and Pressure logging.
Available pressure ranges: user-selectable from 0.5 – 100 meters of water, vented or sealed sensors available.
Accuracy: 0.1% FS typical.
Temperature compensated, generally -10°C to 40°C see datasheet.
Battery Life: 3 years to 10 years depending on model. Lithium or Rechargeable.
Programming/Reading Interface: RS-485
Internal memory for up to 57,000 data points with time-based or event-based recording options.
Logger diameters from Ø0.65″ to Ø1.5″