Keller’s range of industrial transducers assembled in the USA have fast delivery times, reasonably high accuracy, a flexible list of features and options and convenient NPTm process connections. The Preciseline features a MODBUS compatible RS-485 output, the Valueline is a rugged and reliable high-accuracy analogue pressure transmitter, and the Econoline is excellent for high-volume low-cost OEM applications.
Available pressure ranges: 0 – 2 to 15,000 psi absolute, gauge, or sealed gauge.
Accuracy: from 1% FS to 0.1% FS TEB
Electrical Input: 8 – 28 V DC with surge protection
Output: 4..20 mA, 0 – 5V, or 0 – 10V. Preciseline has digital RS-485 as well.
1/4″ NPTm standard, others available.