Miniature Pressure Scanner for Wind Tunnel

Scanivalve’s MPS4264 can be used in wind tunnels, automotive, wind turbine, wind tunnel, inlet distortion, and engine test applications where temperatures tend to vary and are often extreme. About the TCU In applications where these temperatures may exceed ambient conditions we offer a TCU (Temperature Control Unit) as seen in Figure 1. This will provide [...]

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Technel Engineering Appointed Canadian Rep for Dewetron

Established in 1989, DEWETRON is a manufacturer of Test & Measurement systems and sensor signal conditioners. DEWETRON Data Acquisition Systems are designed to record from a few channels to thousands of channels of vastly different signal sources gaplessly and in perfect sync, at one location or distributed across locations up to 100 meters apart. DEWETRON [...]

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Hydro dam uses Paroscientific…

PAROSCIENTIFIC RELIABILITY Every operator of a hydro-electric dam wants/needs to understand and compute the efficiency of their plant. To compute the efficiency, the two most important variables are; flow rate and reservoir head. P = ῃpghQ where P is available power, ῃ is efficiency of the turbine, p is density of water, g is gravitational constant, h [...]

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Precise 2000 Amp DC Supply

Guildline 6623A-PCS2000 Because power transmission using DC voltages over long distances and under water is more efficient than A/C transmission, there is an increased demand for a precise high current source for testing cables and monitoring instrumentation. With the growing advent of off-shore wind farms and far North hydroelectric facilities such as Manitoba Hydro, the [...]

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Pneumatic Pressure and Vacuum Calibration Bench

OPG Darlington Maintenance Recently delivered to OPG Darlington is a four station pneumatic pressure/vacuum calibration bench. For the Pressure Loops, the bench consists of 3 Automatic Pressure controllers with ranges of 500 psig, 100 psig and 15 psig. For the Vacuum calibration loop, an Edwards high performance vacuum pump is used as the source which [...]

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