TECHNEL Engineering designs custom Pressure Boundary Tools to meet the specific requirements of your application then manufacture, test and provide on-site training. Since Technel Engineering Inc. has TSSA Certificates of Authorization QA 02458 and QA02459, all customized tools can come with a CRN (Canadian Registration Number) and if required an ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) or CSA (Canadian Standards Association) inspection and certificate.

Pressure Boundary Tools is a generic name for any device or system that includes a changing of pressure across a component such as a pressure regulator.

P10 Regulator (90% Argon, 10% Methane) Pressure Regulator is used to reduce pressure from a standard 2200 psi cylinder to a range of 1 to 14 psi. P10 gas used in hand wands and whole-body scanners for detection of Alpha and Beta particles. The actual regulator consists of 2 gauges, pressure relief valve, purge valve and 1 m of special polyethylene tubing.