OPG Darlington Maintenance

Recently delivered to OPG Darlington is a four station pneumatic pressure/vacuum calibration bench. For the Pressure Loops, the bench consists of 3 Automatic Pressure controllers with ranges of 500 psig, 100 psig and 15 psig. For the Vacuum calibration loop, an Edwards high performance vacuum pump is used as the source which is controlled with a manual 3 valve manifold.

To power any of the Devices Under Test (DUT), an adjustable 0 – 75 V DC and 0 – 3 Amp linear Power Supply with front mounted test jacks is provided.

Each calibration loop has a nested test hose. The bench has a CRN and is ESA labelled. Technel Engineering Inc designs and provides full services for their custom, CRN certified Pressure Boundary Tools (PBT). PBT examples are 7 station pressure/pneumatic cal. benches, instrument leg fill pumps, P10 regulators, Primary Heat Transport (PHT) test systems, regulator test panel, Fueling Machine Maintenance Area (FMMA) test bench.