Scanivalve’s MPS4264 can be used in wind tunnels, automotive, wind turbine, wind tunnel, inlet distortion, and engine test applications where temperatures tend to vary and are often extreme.

About the TCU

In applications where these temperatures may exceed ambient conditions we offer a TCU (Temperature Control Unit) as seen in Figure 1.

This will provide heating necessary to maintain the MPS temperature in extreme cold conditions such as; Flight Testing at Altitude and allow for cooling air to be run through the chamber to help cool in extreme hot conditions.

The TCU also provides protection for the scanner from dust, and moisture, providing a much more rugged package for these applications.


A miniature pressure scanner which integrates 64 pressure channels, interfaced by TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity.

Designed around a high performance DSP processor to provide readings up to 2500Hz (per channel per second).

The user can connect the MPS to a web browser using the assigned IP address. This GUI allows the user to change scan settings, or scan data to an excel or binary file.

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