Paroscientific depth transducers are used in a wide variety of applications from towed arrays and ROVs to tectonic research and tsunami detection. The nano-resolution sensors can detect a change in water level of as little as 0.1 mm from a depth of 7 km.

The unique anti-fouling port on the Paroscientific Series 8000 depth transducers ensures high accuracy over long periods of operation.

Both intelligent and frequency models are available in all ranges. Housings are either PVC, Acetal, or Stainless Steel depending on pressure range.
Available Ranges: 0-10 through 0-7,000 meters of water absolute, 0-10 through 0-140 meters of water gauge
Operating Ranges: -2 through 40°C
Accuracy: 0.01% FS or better
Achievable Resolution: 0.000001% FS (10 ppb) or better
NIST-Traceable calibration certificates
Power consumption: 0.2W for intelligent transmitters, 0.03W for frequency transducers