Technel represents Paroscientific the world's premier manufacturer of high quality pressure instrumentation. "Paros" has been in business since 1972 developing transducers of the highest quality and superior performance. Precision comparable to the best primary standards is achieved through the use of a special quartz crystal resonator whose frequency of oscillation varies with pressure induced stress. A quartz crystal temperature signal is provided to thermally compensate the calculated pressure and achieve high accuracy over a wide range of temperatures. The quartz crystal technology is featured in all Paros products with resolution better than 0.0001% and typical accuracy of 0.01% achieved even under difficult environmental conditions. Other desirable characteristics include high reliability, low power consumption, and excellent long-term stability. Over 30 full scale pressure ranges are available - from a fraction of an atmosphere to thousands of atmospheres (3 psid to 40,000 psia). Absolute, gauge, and differential transducers have been packaged in a variety of configurations including intelligent transmitters, depth sensors, portable standards, water level systems and meteorological measurement systems. Intelligent electronics have two-way digital interfaces that allow the user to adjust sample rates, resolution, engineering units, and other operational parameters. Digiquartz® products are successfully used in such diverse fields as hydrology, aerospace, meteorology, oceanography, process control, energy exploration, and metrology/laboratory instrumentation.

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