Paroscientific piezoresonant quartz pressure transducers transmit a pressure signal as a percentage change in frequency in the 30-42 kHz band. A temperature signal is also found in the 168-172 kHz band.

Paroscientific’s Frequency output transducers are commonly used in OEM applications or with the model 735 intelligent display for harsh environment monitoring.
Available Ranges: Barometric, 0-15 through 0-40,000 psia, 0-15 through 0-200 psig
Operating Ranges: -54 through 177°C
Accuracy: 0.01% FS or better
Achievable Resolution: 0.000001% FS (10 ppb) or better
NIST-Traceable calibration certificates
Power consumption: ~0.02W at 16VDC