Formerly Known as Honeywell SSEC (Solid State Electronics Center), Honeywell Aerospace manufactures rugged, high quality piezoreistive MEMS pressure sensors for research and aerospace applications.
The Precision Pressure Transducer is digitally compensated over a wide temperature range and is available for absolute, gauge, and differential measurement of non-corrosive, non-condensing gasses.
Available pressure ranges: 0-1 to 0-500 psi absolute, gauge, or differential.
Accuracy: ±0.1% FS Max, Digital. ±0.12% FS Max, Analogue.
Available Outputs: RS-232 and 0-5V DC, or RS-485 and 0-5V DC.
Temperature Compensated Range: -40°C to 85°C
Meets FAA AWOS specification for Class 1 & 2 pressure instrumentation.