The Condec UPC 5100 includes an internal nitrogen cylinder, internal vacuum source, Condec’s patented Orion 2C valve system, a rechargeable battery, and all the controls, hoses and connections required for rapid on-site calibration without the need for tanks, extra hoses and pumps.
Selectable Pressure Bi-Directional Ranges: ±28 inHg, 387 in H2O, 2771 in H2O, 96 kPa, 100 psi
Internal Pressure/Vacuum Generation Range: -13.2 to 100 psig
Accuracy: 0.05% FS
Pressure Cylinder: 7.0 scf, 2215 psi. Nitrogen or Clean Dry Instrument Air.
Weight: 35 lbs
Options: Pressure Trap, Dual test port, Rack-Mount unit.