Condec manufactures a complete line of pneumatic pressure standards including controllers, calibrators, intensifiers, indicators and precision valves. The UPC 5000, 5100 and 5200 are completely portable pressure calibration standards designed for on-site use eliminating the need to remove pressure transducers and transport them for calibration. A wide range of pressure ranges are available at 0.05% full scale accuracy for each range. Quick disconnect fittings and hoses are included for ease of operation and flexibility. The UPC 5200 has a built-in pressure intensifier that enables it to produce pneumatic pressure up to 10000 psi. The Source 3000 pressure source and the UPC 5000 feature internal self-contained gas cylinders for the ultimate in portability. Condec digital indicators have a variety of features, ranges and options that make them ideal for test stand and manufacturing applications as well as transfer standards. The heart of the UPC units is the Orion precision controller with a patented vernier adjustment allowing infinite resolution to achieve any desired pressure point. The Orion controller is available in an individual package making it suitable for stand-alone applications where precision pressure control is required.

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