Mensor Corporation, a subsidiary of WIKA, has announced the release of the next generation of the popular CPC 6000 Pneumatic Automatic Pressure Controller.

The new Mensor 6050 maintains the trend setting, easy front door pressure transducer accessibility. Open the front door, unscrew the pressure transducer assembly holding screw with your fingers and remove the transducer assembly. No need to send the entire controller out for calibration, just the transducer assembly. A big savings in shipping costs. Plus you need only insert a spare transducer assembly back into the controller and you’re back in business. No down time, no lost production, no lost revenue.

And all those spare CPC 6000 pressure transducer assemblies, don’t worry. They still fit in the CPC6050. No lost investment with the Mensor Pressure transducer Assemblies.

The Mensor 6050 has a new top range of 3,000 psi, either gauge or absolute while maintaining the previous CPC 6000 low range of 10” WC FS. With Mensor ranges, there are no limits; you want a FS range of 224.5 psi, just ask, you got it, no problem. The best part, no extra charge.

Now there are 4 communication ports; we’ve added a USB port to the usual IEE-488, RS-232 and Ethernet ports. There’s even an optional WiFi that takes advantage of a USB / WiFi adapter.

Control stability is a major reason to have a Mensor controller. The stability is spec’d at +/- 0.003% FS, impressive enough but the reality is that is that you typically will have a control stability of 0.001% FS. That translates to, with a 3,000 psi (20 .684 MPa) range, +/- 0.03 psi or ~206 Pa. Now that’s control stability. And there’s more, just phone or email or even Fax Technel for more details.