Available in 316 SST, Hastelloy, Titanium, Platinum and custom materials,
Keller’s high quality Swiss-made piezoresistive pressure sensors are available for custom and high-volume OEM applications. Multiple different package sizes from Ø19 mm to Ø9.5 mm are available to suit your application. Keller OEM sensors are available with analogue compensation circuitry inside the sensor housing for an additional surcharge.

Available ranges: 0.1 to 1000 bar absolute or sealed gauge, 0.1 to 20 bar gauge and differential
Typical accuracy: 0.5% FS
Sensitivity: 200 mA FS with 1 mA regulated input (3.5V typical)
Available with integrated analogue compensation circuitry upon request.
Minimum order quantity may apply, Technel stocks some ranges of these transducers for your convenience.