Connectors Tubing & Accessories

Technel has a wide range of connectors tubing & accessories from Scanivalve which provides a family of products related to multi-channel data acquisition in aerospace, research, flight test and engine testing. Their intelligent pressure and temperature scanners require test tubing and connectors to interface with the UUT. A complete line of tubing sizes, adapters and associated tools are available to assist with any application. Contact Technel with your requirements and we will be glad to assist.

  • An extremely wide range of connectors, converters, junctions, and keyed multi-tube quick-disconnects are available from Scanivalve.
  • A suite of specialized tools for working with miniature tubulations is available from Scanivalve.
  • Scanivalve offers a wide range of tubing in different materials and wall thicknesses to meet their customer’s needs for different applications.

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