Short Longfellow

Since Honeywell’s acquisition of Data Instruments, the DI-Waters Short-Longfellow has been manufactured in lengths up to 6″. The Honeywell SLF linear potentiometer uses a proprietary MystR® conductive plastic film element and a vibration-damped wiper.
Rated intrinsically safe for indoor and outdoor NEMA 4 environments.
Electrical Resistance is 1500Ω/inch, standard linearity is 1.0%FS, optional is 0.1%FS.


Stock Part Numbers
F56201112 SLW01N1500B6A
F56102101 SLF02N3000F6A
F56102112 SLF02N3000B6A
F56104101 SLF04N6000F6A
F56104103 SLF04N6000B6A
F56204103 SLW04N6000B6A
F56105101 SLF06N9000F6A
F56105103 SLF06N9000B6A
F56205101 SLW06N9000F6A
F56205103 SLW06N9000B6A

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