The DH CPD 8000 (Formerly known as the DPG10) a DWT uncertainty level digital pressure indicator, combining a high-end piston-cylinder assembly with a metrology grade load cell.
With a Total Uncertainty to +/-0.002% of reading.
One of the major advantages of the CPG 8000 is the independent vacuum reference, which allows multi-point absolute calibration without the need to break the reference vacuum, unlike a conventional bell-jar deadweight tester.
Available in multiple ranges from 0 – 7,250 psig to 0 – 725 psia.
Two-point Self-calibrations are carried out via an internal standard mass and can be started manually, remotely or pre-programmed to start automatically at a given interval.
External pressure generation is required and these units operate only with clean dry gas.
The CPG 8000 now interfaces directly with the Mensor CPC 8000 controller via RS-232. Alternatively, a 550C gauge comparator can be used to provide an extremely fast and stable calibration system.
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Desgranges et Hout manufactured the world absolute pressure standard which is housed within the French national laboratory, LNE. The APX50 automated primary standard boasts uncertainties approaching 2 ppm for clean dry gas applications.
Automated standards designed for industrial use are available in the range of 20 ppm total uncertainty and come equipped with automatic balances for unlimited spin and float times.