Technel represents Teletronics Technology Corp. a premier manufacturer of high quality total system solutions for defense and commercial aerospace test applications. TTC provides a wide range of high-performance, reliable, modular, programmable, miniaturized and resilient Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware and software products. Our products are the ideal solution for your instrumentation, telemetry, display and control, communications, recording and network-based data acquisition applications. TTC offers a range of products including data acquisition systems (bussed and networked), signal conditioners, data encoders, high-speed data multiplexers, solid-state and hard drive data recorders, instrumentation power systems, fiber optic-based avionics bus monitors, telemetry products, ground support products, avionics display and control units, and commercial communications equipment. Many of these solutions are available in miniaturized versions for space-limited applications, and highly ruggedized and sealed packaging options are also available. TTC also offers a full range of advanced high-speed imaging system solutions with new high-definition cameras and airborne video displays. We design and manufacture a variety of high-speed, light-sensitive and high-definition format-capable cameras for airborne separation, aviation, aerospace, missile and range ground testing and for industrial applications.


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