Technel represents Mensor a division of the WIKA group of companies. Mensor has been producing quality instrumentation since 1969 and going strong. Its line of pressure controllers, calibrators and transducers are second to none featuring reliability, accuracy and ease of use. Pictured below are the CPA series of digital pressure instruments specifically designed to serve the avionics industry. They also features a complete line of CPC pressure controllers to suit every application and the new model CPC 6050 can be custom ordered for any pressure range. These modular controllers feature interchangeable transducers allowing the ultimate flexibility in applications, upward compatibility and minimal downtime for calibration intervals. In addition Mensor manufactures portable gauges, indicators and transducers with high accuracy, reliability and programmability to suit many applications. A comprehensive line of temperature instrumentation under the ASL line of products is also available including hand-held thermometers, dry-block and liquid baths and temperature bridges.

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