Honeywell’s stainless steel 19C, 19U, and 19 Vacuum Gage Series sensors were developed for pressure applications that involve measurement of hostile media in harsh environments compatible with 316 stainless steel. The special Vacuum Gage Series sensors are specifically designed for applications that can be exposed to vacuum.

The 19C Series are calibrated and temperature compensated. They are available for use with either a constant voltage or current source.

They feature a variety of pressure connections to allow use in a wide range of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) equipment. The 19U Series is uncompensated for applications that use their own specialized circuit designs. The 19C and 19U Series sensors are rugged and reliable transducers for use in a wide variety of pressure sensing applications where corrosive liquids or gases are monitored.

All sensors are sold in quantities of 10:

  • 19C030PA5K (qty 59) ; 30 psia
  • 19C050PA5K qty (425); 50 psia
  • 19C050PG5K (qty 230); 50 psig
  • 19C100PA5K (qty 624) ; 100 psia
  • 19C100PG5K (qty 150); 100 psig
  • 19C200PA5K (qty 132); 200 psia
  • 19C200PG5K (qty 25) 200 psig
  • 19C300PA5K (qty 50); 300 psia

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