||Power Analyzers

Power Analyzers

Power Analyzer for Real Drive And Testbed Applications

Our Power Analyzer is your turnkey solution for analyzing electric vehicles and engines behaviour with only one instrument. Using the power option in the measurement software OXYGEN, you even have a mixed signal power analyzer.

Flexible configuration of multiple power groups within one DEWETRON Power Analyzer. Each power group is independent from each other to make measurements in multi-phase power systems in combination with DC links. In addition, special electrical engines with up to 7 phases can be analyzed. Isolated high voltage & current inputs.


Power Quality Analyzer

DEWETRON’s modular and dedicated multi channel Power Quality Analyzer.

The modular product concept allows simple customization of the Power Quality.
DEWETRON Power Quality Analyzer are suitable for measurements according to EN50160, IEC61400-12/21, IEC61000-3-x or IEC50001

Up to 16 isolated inputs in one instrument and high speed ORION data acquisition with sample rates up to 10 MS/s/ch guarantees synchronous, precise and high accuracy power analysis.