The Scanivalve ERAD4000 is a compact, modular A/D module designed for the Scanivalve ZOC scanner system. The E-RAD is generally placed directly inside a wind tunnel model, close to the ZOC scanners and allows a single Ethernet cable output from the model instead of messy multi-cable umbilicals.

The E-RAD utilizes a modular A/D system which allows between 1 and 8 A/D modules to be installed in a single RAD base, reducing overall system cost for smaller systems and making maintenance of larger systems much faster, easier, and less costly.
Between 1 and 8 analogue inputs designed specifcally for ZOC scanners
Up to 512 processing channels at 625 samples per second per channel
Engineering Unit output via Ethernet
Physical Dimensions: 1.75″ x 1.75″ x 6.5″ with 8 A/D modules installed