The Ø19 mm Honeywell Sensym pressure transducer is a low-cost, media-isolated OEM sensor with a wide range of available pressure connections. These sensors are an excellent choice for monitoring the pressure of liquids or gasses compatible with 316 stainless steel.
Available in temperature compensated, uncompensated, and vacuum gauge models.
Pressure ranges from 0-3 to 0-500 psi absolute or gauge.
Pressure connections include o-ring seal, 1/8″ or 1/4″ NPT, 7/16″ UNF, 1/4″ BSPP, and VCR Female.
Output is 100 mA full scale.
Nonlinearity is approx. 0.25% FS.
Compensated sensors require 10V DC or 1.5 mA excitation, Uncompensated require 5V DC or 1 mA.
Vacuum Gauge models read zero at 1 atm, and 100 mA at full vacuum range.