The Mensor CPH6600 is a hand held, multi-function calibrator; pressure / temperature / ma.
An internal electric pump provides a source of pressure up to 150 psi (300 psi optional hand pump) and is battery powered with a minimum life of 300 pump cycles to 150 psi. Two pressure ranges are available; -0.8 bar to 2 bar and -0.8 bar to 10 bar; each with an accuracy of +/- 0.025% F.S.

As well, 24 V DC is available to power transmitters while the CPH6600 can display a 4 – 20 ma input or source signal to an accuracy of +/- 0.025% F.S.

In addition, the display can show up to 3 calibration values, including DC Voltage (0 – 30 V) and temperatures from a PT100 RTD over the range of -40C to 150C.