The Mensor CPC6000 is a modular, dual-channel controller with up to four internal transducers.
An integrated pump provides ±10 psig for calibration without a pressure source.
The CPC6000 transducers can be easily removed from the front of the unit and exchanged for a different pressure range or sent individually for calibration.

Transducer ranges from 0-10 in. H2O to 0-1500 psi are available for the CPC6000 in gauge, bi-directional, or absolute models. Barometric reference can also be included for absolute or gauge emulation.
Pressure can be displayed in any number of engineering or user-defined units. Accuracy is 0.01% IS-50 (see IS-50 definition below).

This unit can be controlled via Ethernet, RS-232, or IEEE-488.